• Canadian Prairies District

    There are six chapters in GWRRA's Canadian Prairies District. The chapters are in the three prairie provinces of Canada: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

  • Canadian Prairies District

    The Prairies District encompasses a wide variety of terrain but is mostly flat until you get into the foothills of Alberta.

  • Come Ride With Us

    The chapters often hold destination rides which feature lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.

  • Canadian Prairies District

    Each of the chapters in the district feature rides, social events, meetings and education. Check the calendar to see what's going on through the district.

  • District Rally August 2019

    Join us for the district rally August 2019. Check the rally page for more details.

GWRRA Prairies District

Prairies District

The Gold Wing Road Riders Association Canadian Prairies District was formed January 1, 2018 when GWRRA eliminated its regions. British Columbia and Alaska, formerly of Region J, broke away and Manitoba, formerly of Region K, joined its prairie neighbours.400px Prairies map small

The district now stretches from the Rocky Mountains in Alberta through to the western tip of Lake of the Woods in Manitoba, encompassing the breadbasket of Canada.

The Canadian prairies has about six million people.   As of the mid 20th century, some parts of the Canadian prairie region have been experiencing accelerated growth as a result of a boom in the production of oil.The primary industries in the region include agriculture involving the rearing of cattle and sheep and the cultivation of oats, canola, wheat, and barley. Fort McMurray in Alberta has Oil Sands making the region essential to the role it has played in the advancement of the national petroleum industry in Canada. Other industries in the region include agriculture and oil refinery.Wings On The Prairies

Oil is pursued in all three provinces.  Saskatchewan is a world leader in the production of mustard seed.

There are six GWRRA chapters in the district.