• Canadian Prairies District

    There are six chapters in GWRRA's Canadian Prairies District. The chapters are in the three prairie provinces of Canada: Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta.

  • Canadian Prairies District

    The Prairies District encompasses a wide variety of terrain but is mostly flat until you get into the foothills of Alberta.

  • Come Ride With Us

    The chapters often hold destination rides which feature lunch or dinner at a local restaurant.

  • Canadian Prairies District

    Each of the chapters in the district feature rides, social events, meetings and education. Check the calendar to see what's going on through the district.

  • District Rally July 2020

    Join us for the district riding rally in 2020. Check the rally page for more details.

GWRRA Prairies District

Hi Everyone scott k

What a change in the world from my last newsletter! Everything is now up in the air, pun intended. I’m sure all of you are asking questions and trying to do what is best for you and your family. I have been working from home for almost two weeks, ordering groceries online, my car gets two weeks to the gallon and rising everyday! I have been watching the COVID19 projections and Canada is still ramping up while China is levelling off two months later from the first real spike in cases in Wuhan Province. I have heard everything from this flu being a minor inconvenience like any cold or flu to sudden and certain death! No one knows if and how it would affect them until it is too late. I have heard on the radio that if you can hit someone with a hockey-stick they are too close. My stick is 12’ long! Do your part and stay away from everyone. For me this is just like growing up on the farm, never saw anyone and entertained my self with imagination and ingenuity, I also ran to the window to see who is driving by which I’m starting to do again!

What can you do besides social distancing? Wash your hands! If you must go out, take some iso-gel with you, limit what you touch. If wearing gloves, as soon as you touch anything, they are contaminated, remove them, wipe your hands before getting into your car. Receiving packages? Take them to your garage, with gloves, disinfect, or wait the minimum recommended safe-time before opening. Are you quarantined from travelling and can’t wait to get out? Don’t worry, no one else can get far either! At least “door-step piracy” is way down!

What is the District and GWRRA doing? Firstly, all chapter meeting and physical training events are cancelled. There is an opportunity though, our district has a zoom account that has been used for district meetings, I have invited the chapters to use it to reach out to connect with all of you. It is an opportunity for all members to taste chapter life and get to see new and familiar faces! I hope I’m invited too! GWRRA is also hosting online training opportunities, check it out, sign up, keep up your levels program and have a change from channels like YouTube, and Netflix. If we all do our part, hopefully our ride schedules won’t be too interrupted, but, be prepared to be only looking at your bike for the next little while!

Currently, Wing Ding and our Alaska trip is still on. I hope to hear more news soon about the state of Wing Ding and will let you know as soon as I hear anything. We will make the call on our Alaska trip between June 1-5, this will give people time to cancel reservations if needed. Another scenario, we may need to alter the route if travel is allowed but international borders don’t open. Or, it gets postponed to next year. It seems like a long way off when you are looking at the snow falling outside but riding typically starts 3-4 weeks from now and Wing Ding is only 12 weeks away!

On the bright, my garage has never been cleaner!

Till next time

Scott Kucharyshen

Canadian Prairies District